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Earlier this weekend was the George Mason Film Festival. Several of the HMD crew had projects shown at the film festival and overall it was a resounding success.

The festival was divided up into three days. The first day was a student showcase where any student could showcase any film they’d made regardless of major, this included things like Vine shorts, YouTube videos, etc etc. None of our crew had projects shown that day, so instead we’ll be focusing on the latter two days.

Day Two was the senior showcase. During the day the seniors would showcase either a short narrative film, or a short documentary. There were a great deal of films, so the day was divided up into three blocks, each roughly an hour and a half long. At the end there would be a Q&A and then we’d break for an intermission. The whole thing was about ten hours long.

The filmmakers also had a chance to win awards for their block. There were three awards in total. The first was an Audience Choice award which was tallied via ballot vote. The other two were judges awards, one for best short film, the other for best documentary. Micah McFarland showcased Harbor View to much acclaim. He wound up winning the Audience Choice award for Harbor View!


Micah with his fancy award.

In the second block Ashlee Duncan showed her film, Shoes Among the CabbagesIt was so well liked she took home both the Audience Choice award and Judges Award for Best Short Narrative.


All the GMU seniors that won awards.

The last and final day of the festival had the students from FAVS 375 (Fiction Film Directing) showing their films. Ashley Blue, Zach Gross, and Matt Pechiney all had films shown. Matt’s film, a comedy entitled The Young Couples was shown in the first of two blocks. Despite a brief technical hiccup where the screen blacked out for about twenty seconds, the film was loved by the audience.

Ashley and Zach had their films screened during the second block. Both – as expected – were enjoyed greatly by the audience. Zach’s film, Macabre was easily one of the funniest films showed, mostly due to a fantastic portrayal by Matt.

Unfortunately the non-senior films weren’t eligible for awards. Despite that there’s no doubt everyone loved the films they saw.

The HMD Films crew!

And that’s about the whole show. There was an after party with some great food, and that’s when the awards (mentioned above) were given out. Remember to keep an eye on the website for when these films will premiere and news on future projects from HMD!