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Since we can’t seem to stay on schedule with any of our content (looking at myself in disgust as I write), I’m gonna try and start giving you all an update on what’s going on with our latest feature film Harmony.

As the script writing phase comes to a slow close (hopefully by the beginning of summer) I turned my attention to a business proposal and started early talks with investors close to HMD. A few weeks ago, we got our first committed investor AND investment. And that’s not just for Harmony; it’s our first investor in a project PERIOD. Excited barely describes the feeling.

But while that is an awesome threshold to cross, it’s merely one step in the right direction, with what feels like five-thousand more to go. We have two more committed investors now. Still many tweaks to the business proposal before we can move forward on a business plan for the film though. Once the last draft is in, the team will start on budgeting every little detail and compiling concept art.

Basic funding plan currently is half investor capital, half crowdfunding. Investor capital will ensure foundation funding to get the ball rolling on the project, while a successful crowdfunding campaign will begin to build an audience for the film. As we continue bringing in investors and pre-production gets going, more and more attention will have to be focused on refining ideas for a crowdfunding film for mid-summer. If done right, this will be just a taste of what is in store for the audience (who are hopefully craving to see it).

I’d love to have an assembled list of conventions, festivals, and theaters where we would like to show the film once on its way to completion for the business plan this week. We’ll see how that goes…stay tuned. Not sure what the frequency of these posts will be, but right now it’s my wall to bounce the ball off of at 2am on a Monday. I’ve been up all night listening to the “Paper Towns” soundtrack and looking at horror podcasts and film news sites to send our eventual press kit to. That’s a long ways away though…


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