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I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Holiday. Not a lot to tell you all since we sent out the first update, but there are a few things.

First, I spent the past week writing a draft of the short film that will be the basis for Harmony’s crowdfunding campaign. If any of you saw our Instagram, you know the photo I’m talking about. The script is being sent to the Harmony team to review and refine, but it was a super exciting step for me to take to push Harmony even closer to production. The short script should be fairly easy to produce, so my hope is HMD can film in July and shoot for an August, but most likely September, crowdfunding campaign.

Meanwhile, our screenwriter Micah will be wrapping up the actual film’s script fairly soon. He just got off two months of cranking out an amazing TV pilot and spec script for some Hollywood Fellowships.

More potential investor meetings will be happening over June, and that means more tweaks to the business proposal for that. We are also scheduling our first major preproduction meeting with the main Harmony team this month and will be discussing everything from producing the crowdfunding video to actual production of Harmony to potential distribution strategies.


Big things are hopefully on the horizon!


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