• The First Fifteen Minutes of Fatherhood

    When Craig’s girlfriend calls to tell him she’s pregnant, he has an existential crisis that makes him rethink his life. All in fifteen minutes. Starring Aaron Sulkin and Sarah Morrissey. Directed by Nathan McFarland Written by Matt Pechiney

  • Quincy

    A short psychological thriller about a serial killer. Written by Teddy McCormick, Directed by Micah McFarland

  • Harbor View

    Written and directed by Micah McFarland, Harbor View is a science fiction thriller about a desperate woman and her child trapped in the cogs of a government and it’s population control policies. Produced by Zack Gross.

  • Bagmen

    Two brothers, who make money moving drugs and cash around for the Mafia, face a tough choice when their most recent assignment comes with a body in the trunk.

  • Macabre

    From Hand Me Down Films, the studio that brought you Harbor View and The Blame Game, comes its next darkly comic short film about a strange group of characters who help a depressed man from slipping into suicide in a bathroom.